fourth 和 the final season of Attack on 泰坦 has finally arrived 和 fans are really loving it so far. Attack On 泰坦 Season 4 is one of the most anticipated anime this winter season 和 one of the all-time favorites of a lot of anime fans out there. For the final season of Attack On 泰坦, the studio has been changed from WIT Studio to Studio Mappa which the fans have a mixed opinion about the change.

最近,我们在Twitter上的朋友获得了“ upcoming Attack on 泰坦 season 4 Episodes.

因此,今天在本文中,我们将讨论 禁忌之京人Season 4 Episode 6,7,8,9 和 talk about their release date 和 what possibly will happen in the episode based on the title 和 the respective manga chapter.


Attack on 泰坦 Season 4 Episode 6 “The War Hammer 泰坦”, Release Date: January 17, 2021

Attack On 泰坦 Season 4 Episode 6
埃仁 – Attack On 泰坦

的 Attack on 泰坦 Season 4 Episode 6 is “战锤” is one of the most anticipated episode among the manga readers. 的 episode will show us the design 和 powers of the ninth 泰坦, 的 War Hammer which is currently held by the Tybur Family but not for so long. It has the ability to produce 和 manipulate structures that are made of hardened Titan flesh.

官方简介: 埃伦·耶格尔(Eren Yeager) in his Attack 泰坦 form eats Willy Tybur’s corpse 和 proceeds to massacre the festival attendees, as Colt Grice and Gabi Braun 躲在一块碎片后面躲避人踩踏;但 Udo 在试图营救后被逃离的人群压碎 Zofia’s body.

的 威利的妹妹 展现自己是真正的持有者 War Hammer 泰坦 and starts battling the Attack 泰坦, quickly taking the upper hand by impaling it 与 spear that it made appear from the ground, as Theo 马加特 命令他的士兵为战斗做好准备。

Emerging from the headless body of his 泰坦, 埃仁 is asked by his opponent for his final words, but he gives Mikasa Ackerman 进入战斗的信号。在一次突然袭击中,三ika射击 Thunder Spears at the War Hammer 泰坦’s neck as other 调查队 members ambush the Marleyan soldiers. 埃仁 thanks 三sa for coming for him, 和 三sa asks him to come home.

Attack on 泰坦 Final Season Episode 7 “Assault”, Release Date: 2021年1月24日

的 Attack On Marley

This is the episode which will see lots of deaths 和 blood, the same scenario which once 雷纳 和 Berthod created on the Paradis island but this time the roles have been reversed. 的 禁忌之京人第7集 标题 “攻击” 预定于2021年1月24日发行。

官方简介: 悲痛欲绝 Udo and Zofia’s deaths, Gabi 尽管去战斗 柯尔特的恳求,但在途中她遇到了 Sasha and Connie attacking a convoy of reinforcements. While 三sa distracts the War Hammer 泰坦, 埃仁 transforms back into the Attack 泰坦 并发现结晶 威利的妹妹 controlling the Titan’s body from under the ground via a cable, 和 cuts off the connection.

但是,由于他要吃掉她, Jaw 泰坦 bites his nape 和 tries to eat him in turn. He is saved by Levi, 和 Galliard is quickly surrounded by more 调查队 members. 的 Corps are however attacked by the Cart 泰坦’s Panzer Unit, 和 they are soon joined by 加比 和 the Beast 泰坦. 的 two enemy groups face each other, with 策克 calling for the 调查队 annihilation, while 李维 instructs the Corps to survive.

法尔科 awakens to see the Survey Corps and the Warriors 彼此参与。他找 Reiner partially transformed 和 unconscious in the rubble, 和 leaves to find him help. Mikasa 尝试摧毁失败的尝试 War Hammer’s crystal, 和 Eren 消费它也不成功。

As the fight continues, 埃仁 emerges from his 泰坦 form, 和 immediately transforms again. Pieck and Galliard 讨论他们的计划,同意捍卫 Zeke from the 调查队. 策克 proclaims that 埃仁 is not his enemy, 和 tells Levi 现在该出来了。

Attack on 泰坦 Season 4 Episode 8 “刺客的子弹”, Release Date: January 31, 2021

李维 Squad – Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4

AOT第4季第8集 标题为 “刺客的子弹” 和 will release on January 31. This is the episode which will literally break the internet after seeing the death one of the most favorite character in the series.

官方简介: 阿明·阿勒特 从颈背出现 巨人巨人,看着他刚在港口上造成的破坏,并认为这是同一场景 Bertolt witnessed 9 years before. Jean 试图完成 Cart 泰坦 with a 雷矛,但他受到了 Titan 错过了目标昏迷后 Pieck emerges from the 泰坦, the Survey Corps 尝试攻击她,但被他们击退 Magath and Marleyan soldiers.

埃仁 quickly knocks him down but 雷纳 manages to rescue 加利亚德. 埃仁 comes out of the Attack 泰坦 and flees towards the airship along with 三sa, but they are pursued by 加比 who is determined to kill 埃仁, as 吉恩 orders the Corps to kill all enemies below. After Eren Yeager 爬上飞艇,他被激进地逮捕 Levi.

同时,保护飞艇的士兵准备登机, Jean leaving former Garrison commander Lobov outside to defend the ship. In the airship, 和 despite taking six casualties, the 调查队 begin celebrating the battle as a major victory for Eldia.

Attack on 泰坦 Final Season Episode 9 “Visitor” Release Date: February 7, 2021

埃仁 的 Monster

In episode 9 Shingeki no Kyojin S4, Armin will visit the crystallised Annie, 和 talk to her about what happened in Marley 和 his feelings about 埃仁’s behaviour. Also, 策克 Yeager will arrive at Paradis Island 和 explain the rest of the plan. Episode 9 will air on February 7, 2021.

官方简介: 泽克(Zeke)解释说,他的计划成功了,但有一些错误的估计。 Hange 埃仁(Eren)对迫使军团采取行动的举动表示失望,但泽克(Zeke)认为,他们现在都拥有 Founder and a 泰坦 of royal blood. 康妮 then enters the room 和 tells the group that 萨沙 had just died. 

阿明访问 Annie 和 talk to her about how they buried their lost comrades 和 mentions 萨沙之死,希望有和平的选择,而不必总是战斗。别处, Eren, who is slowly becoming numb to the death 和 violence around him, resolves to continue fighting Paradis Island’s enemies to the very end.


嘎吱作响,有趣 and 虚拟现实 正在以原始日语配音播放动漫系列,并附带英文字幕。但是,如果您目前居住在日本,则也可以通过Netflix观看。此外,该系列将从2020年12月7日到2021年3月15日进行,共16集。 Funimation将在英语配音的最后一个季节发布。

About Attack on 泰坦 (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Written 和 drawn by Hajime Isayama, Attack On 泰坦 is a monthly manga published in Monthly Shounen Jump. Wit Studio animated the first three seasons along with two compilation movies 和 several OVAs. A Hollywood live-action is said to be under development.

的 story takes in a world where the last remnants of humanity live within a walled city in order to escape the danger of the 泰坦s, a race of giants monsters that eats humans. 

的 lead character, 埃伦·耶格尔(Eren Yeager), ends up joining the military with his two childhood friends 三sa 和 Armin after the 泰坦s break through the wall 和 attack his hometown. 

Now 埃仁, 三sa, 和 Armin must survive in a world where they not only have the 泰坦s to fear but the very humans they are trying to save.